IggyAwesomeAzalea Rants #1: Iggy & Nicki COLLAB???

On my YouTube account IggyAwesomeAzalea, a lot of my followers seriously think that I am Iggy. And because of that, I got a lot of people saying that they want an Iggy and Nicki collab. Let’s forget that I am not actually Iggy, these comments still make me angry. And I think it is time to respond to them. This is the part where I have to insult some of my Azalean brothers. Sorry, but you brought it by yourself.

Many Azaleans are also Barbz, many Barbz are also Azaleans. So it is pretty unsurprising that people think that they should collab. The problem with that: IT IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. STOP BEING SO UNREALISTIC. Iggy and Nicki hate each other. And now they should do a collab?? They dissed each other on tracks (Heavy Crown & Big Daddy)…well, Nicki tried to diss Iggy and failed. Iggy said in one of her recent interviews that she hates Nicki. And, according to some people, Nicki dissed Iggy at the BET awards 2014. They fucking despise each other. They will never do a collab. I hate Nicki Minaj and I am kind of happy that Iggy won’t do a collab with her. I mean Iggy is on a way higher level. But we are talking about people who love them both and want them to do a collab. Just accept that they are enemies. Yes, Barbz who hate on Iggy are annoying. But I actually like them better than the idiots who love them both and want them to do a collab. At least these Barbz are realistic. You can love Iggy or Nicki, but you can’t love both. You can love neither or one. So accept it and decide which one is better to you. There is Team Iggy and Team Nicki. There is nothing like „Team Iggy & Nicki“. So decide for yourself if you are team Iggy or team Nicki and stop being a fucking pussy!!!


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