The Ten Worst Songs of 20xx – The Rules

ILY Buckley

A Dose of Buckley

Every year I post a list of songs that won’t be appearing in my video counting down the Ten Worst Songs of 20xx. This year, I’ve decided not to do this, because for the most part a song doesn’t make the list because of the same 3 reasons:

  1. I didn’t think the song was worse than the 10 I chose (people often make a big deal about some pretty bland, boring songs)
  2. The song didn’t even come out or get popular that year (people often make this mistake)
  3. There’s nothing interesting or funny to say about the song (the list is still supposed to be a piece of entertainment, otherwise I could just spend 5 minutes compiling a list, post it and be done)

I do however have a set of rules and guidelines that I’ve created for myself to help decide what should and shouldn’t be on the list.

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Iggy Newsletter #1 January 2014

The Iggy newsletter is here!!! I promised it many followers/subscribers, now it is finally here!!! Let’s start!!!!!!!
@ Performances
@ Rumors
@ Confirmed
@ Other news
@ My last words

Iggy gave a lot of performances in december. But really important are only three: her performances at the KIIS FM Jingle Ball, Y100 Jingle Ball & The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. She performed „Fancy“, „Black Widow“ & „Work“ on the KIIS FM Jingle Ball & Y100 Jingle Ball & she performed „Beg For It“ on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.
Youtube Links:
@ Work/Y100/watch?v=fffmINFd5QM
@ Fancy/Y100/watch?v=xI556Zj-mjc
@ Black Widow/Y100/watch?v=R5-Olh9pk6c
@ Work/KIIS FM/watch?v=__sCBaHOeyI
@ Fancy/KIIS FM/watch?v=IVlH64yHFDk
@ Black Widow/KIIS FM/watch?v=O-30VkOv41M
@ Beg For It/Jimmy Fallon/ watch?v=R23GbaSpItg
Remember: all these things are rumors. They could be bullshit just like they could be true. We will need to wait to know if they are bullshit or not. These are the rumors I found in the internet.
@ Nicki Minaj’s song „Big Daddy“ ft Meek Mill is apparently an Iggy diss.
@ „Iggy SZN“ is going to be Iggy’s next single.
@ The filming of the music video for „Beg For It“ began at december 7 & airs february 6.
@ Iggy is doing a song with Eminem even though Em dissed her.
@ Iggy will perform at the Grammys.
@ Iggy is going to do a europe tour in 2016.

These are rumors that got confirmed.
@ Iggy’s „The Great Escape“ tour is going to be a North America tour.
@ Iggy will be on a track of Britney Spears‘ upcoming studio album.
@ Iggy will do a track with T.I. and Lil Kim. It also got confirmed by Kim’s manager.
@ Nick Jonas and Tinashe are going to be featured on Iggy’s TGE tour.

Other news:
@ Iggy & her boyfriend Nick Young bought Selena Gomez‘ house.
@ Iggy bought her boyfriend a car for christmas.
@ Iggy was on a Lakers basketball game & took many pictures with fans.
@ Iggy said that she loves Fergie & Gwen Stefani.
@ Iggy also confirmed that she and Nicki Minaj are enemies.

My last words:
Remember that a newsletter takes a long time. It took me ten hours to write it. So please, support it by sharing it on social networks!!! Which rumors do you want to be true?? Which confirmed rumor made you exited the most?? Which performance was the best?? Let me know on…
Youtube: IggyAwesomeAzalea
Twitter: @IggyOnBillboard
My personal answers:
Rumors #4 & #6
Confirmed rumor #3
The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon performance